Tips for Fusible Applique

Here are some tips for how to use fusible webbing for raw edge Applique.

Fusible webbing is a product that fuses two pieces of fabric together using the heat from an iron. Fusible webbing has a paper (smooth) side and an adhesive (rough) side. Always transfer your design onto the paper side of the webbing. Use a light box or well lit window, and do not include a seam allowance. When transferred your applique pieces onto the fusible paper, always leave a margin around each piece for cutting out. Numbering the applique pieces on the template as well as the fusible webbing will help with placement.


Cut out your applique pieces roughly beyond the lines. There is no need to cut out on the line at this stage.

Select your fabric and using a warm, dry iron press your cut out applique piece to the back of the fabric with the rough side facing down. If the fabric is directional or has a large print preview the placement of the applique piece so that it is best positioned for your project.

Cut out the applique piece on the drawn line. When cool, remove the paper backing. The fusible webbing is now on the back of the fabric.

Position your cut out applique pieces onto your project, and when happy with the placement, fuse in place using a warm dry iron. Use an up and down motion instead of a forward and backward motion when pressing applique pieces. Although the pieces are bonded to the fabric, stitching will still be required to permanently fix to the project.

It is always recommended that you read the manufacturer’s instructions prior to using any new products.

Hope you have found these fusible applique tips helpful.



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