PDF Pattern

Cute Key Fob PDF Pattern

Make these cute little cottage style key fobs in just a few short hours. They are so much fun to make that it is hard to stop at just one! Losing your keys is not much fun, so why not make some simple key fobs so that your keys will always be quick and easy to find.

key fob PDF pattern
Cute little key fob PDF pattern

A few weeks ago I came across a set of keys on the footpath and immediately felt concern for the person who has accidently dropped them. At first, I did not know what to do with them. They did not have any identification or contact phone number. I imagined the desperation of the person on discovering that their car keys, house key and every other key had gone!!!  Eventually, I decided to hand them into the local police station and hoped that the person in question would think to contact them.

set of keys needing a key fob

I hope this never happens to you, but just in case a cute little key fob is just the thing for avoiding a lot of unnecessary stress.

The fabulous thing about this project is that these key fobs are very inexpensive to make and are ideal for using up small offcuts of fabric, ribbons and lace that you may have in your stash.

key fob pdf pattern materials

Because these key fobs are so easy and cost effective to make, they are also the perfect gift giving idea. Write a message on the back for a friend and include a space for adding a phone number.

It’s also exciting to learn that you could be sewing these cute little key fobs in a few minutes because the pattern is available as a PDF pattern. That means you can download the pattern to your computer, print out and begin today!

Click here not and let the fun begin


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